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Nothing can prepare you for a Moscow Mule made with a fresh Venetian Ginger Ale. The sharp citrus crispness of the lime meets a mellow earthy bite of ginger juice. There are subtle notes of pepper and cinnamon from the spices that follow, bringing it all into balance. This sparkling carbonated dream is most refreshing served ice cold. Adding a shot of vodka, a squeeze of lime, and mixing it all in a copper mug is divine. You now know why it means so much to me to bring back Venetian Ginger Ale, and why it’s so important. Your taste buds need this!

Now that’s a pair

Chicken Caesar salad

If you were not convinced yet, let me just mention some foods that may pair perfectly with an ice cold bottle of Venetian Ginger Ale. Let’s start with a crisp chicken caesar salad. Yes, my precious, YES! The crunchiness of the romaine topped with parmesan cheese and rich dressing that rings garlic and lemon can be washed down with our citrusy and earthy ginger ale. Topped with some croutons and wood fired chicken, and you are on your way to another culinary dimension. What a perfect balance of ginger, garlic, lime, lemon, and sweetness!

Wood-Fired Pizza

As if that wasn’t enough! Imagine a hot steaming cheese pizza fresh from the wood fired oven. Topped with veggies and fresh mozzarella everyone loves a fresh pizza pie! The fullness of the tomato sauce is a perfect blend of olive oil, oregano, tomatoes, garlic, and basil. A soft and crispy wood-fired crust is begging to be washed down with an icy gingery delight. Venetian Ginger Ale has less sugar than most of the stuff on the shelf, but it’s still nice and sweet. The transfusion of earthy wood fired pizza and citrusy flavor of the sweet crispy ginger ale settles in harmony that is comforting and exciting!

And… I’m done.

This is just a taste of the wonderful pairings. It’s an amazing world of food out there and you deserve to have the best! That is why it’s so important over the next couple of weeks to make a pledge on! This is a link to our fundraising page. We need to close the gap and get you to taste this amazing beverage!

We need your help and your pledges so that everyone can enjoy this gingery, sweet concoction. If you have already pledged, make sure you tell your friends about it by sharing!

Thank you all so much for all the support. We are close to having Venetian Ginger Ale readily available to a shelf and restaurant near you!

Be Well,


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