The Great Bottling Equipment Road Trip

Greetings Venetians!

I miss the excitement of our crowd funding campaign. Now, that we’ve been successfully funded, we’re working with Joshua and his co-packing business, A Drop of Joy, building a carbonated soda line. He will be cooking and packing Venetian Ginger Ale from his commercial kitchen here in Williston, Vermont. We’ve been shopping for our bottling equipment and figuring out logistics of the ingredients, packing, and distribution. Needless to say, we’re still keeping busy!

We’re still at least 3 months away from our first production run. We’re aiming to receive our filling and bottling machine in June, and we’re still waiting to hear back on the custom brite tank that we need to carbonate in.

I took a few snaps along our trip with Joshua to various equipment suppliers and manufacturers. The nice thing about these components is that they are made in upstate New York, only about 2 hours away from us up here in Williston, Vermont. We met the engineers and designers that will be building our machine and tanks. Josh and I were like kids in a candy store, geekin’ out on brewing equipment. We’re expecting to make about 100 cases a day with this new rig, so I hope you are all thirsty!

As we start to grow the Venetian brand, we will be attending food and beverage expos as well as producing our own events. This is going to be a great summer! I look forward to seeing you all with spicy Venetian Ginger Ales in your hands soon!



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One Response to “The Great Bottling Equipment Road Trip

  • Steve
    3 years ago

    Sounds like real progress. I’m salivating. Bravo!

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