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Venetian Ginger Ale is made with five simple ingredients. Carbonated water, an organic ginger juice, lime juice, cane sugar, and we brew it with cinnamon sticks.

It's simplicity makes it a perfect mixer for cocktails!

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"The taste is more than you could ever ask for and the ingredients speak for themselves.Whenever I can find it, I buy Venetian first."

Jon van Luling

"Venetian Ginger Ale is MAGNIFICENT!!! One delicious sip and your tastebuds will explode with the SPECTACULAR flavor that is Venetian!! I go out of my way to find this and buy it!! It’s flavor is refreshing and sweet and just makes your whole body shiver with happiness!! You just can’t have a bad day when you have Venetian!!"

Jessica Galarneau

"I love the ginger in Venetian. The taste is excellent!"

Kathryn Paul

"I’ve always loved ginger ale and Venetian Ginger Ale is the Best!"

Willy Everett

Venetian in the Press

Venetian Ginger Ale has been featured in many new outlets, magazines, and blogs, here are few honorable mentions. 

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