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venetian-6pack-2As Venetian Ginger Ale begins to take shape, we thought it would be a great idea to chronicle our journey through regular updates on our site. Not only would it serve as a place for us to share our progress with you, but we hope it will help serve as a resource for others looking to go down a similar path.

The Tactile Experience

We’re placing a lot of focus on the total Venetian Ginger Ale experience; a big part of that being the look and feel of the packaging. We’ve gone through several iterations of the label and carton designs, ultimately zeroing in on what you see here.

It goes without saying that we’ve taken some inspiration from the original Venetian bottles and other era-appropriate packaging, but we’ve also added many contemporary styling elements that speak to the fusion of modern sensibilities with classic flair—just like our Ginger Ale!

For those interested, we used Adobe Illustrator to create the labels and carton design, then wrapped them around 3D models created in Blender. Rendering was done using the Blender Cycles renderer.

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