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Simple Ingredients

The original Venetian Ginger Ale’s recipe was created during an era when simplicity and great flavor coexisted peacefully. Well, they say history is cyclical, and we think the world is yet again ready to embrace a soda touting subtle complexity over intense sweetness.

A Renegade History

During Prohibition, the Dorn family used their Venetian soda operation as a front for whiskey runs out of Canada for a little extra on the side. With Vermont sharing a border with Quebec, and Burlington being the first “big” city, Pine Street made for the perfect factory location and the ideal first stop before heading down to Boston, Atlantic City, and New York City.

Runs in the Family

After recreating a few batches of ginger ale for friends and family inspired by the original recipe (and uncovering the unique history behind the original brand), Justin Bunnell, great great grandson of the Dorn family, received overwhelming encouragement to take the next step and revive this historic brand.

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